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Basel - the city on the Rhine Knee

Basel has considerably more sunny days a year, less fog and less wind than the rest of German-speaking Switzerland. Idyllically embedded in the riverbend, there’s an authentic Mediterranean feel to the place – La Dolce Vita on the Rhine.

The Rhine boasts numerous summertime attractions including, of course, the ever-popular river cruises from Basel to Amsterdam and back. If crossing the river without getting wet is a priority, four ferries await. Each named after an animal from a regional guild’s coat of arms, they are powered only by the river’s current. The water invites visitors to take the plunge with a locally-made “Wickelfisch” waterproof bag. The strong Rhine current leads to many destinations. Only for very confident swimmers, of course.

For a more easy-going visit, Basel’s Rhine harbour, the Rheinhafen and nearby Holzpark Klybeck offer plenty of laid-back options from numerous bars and restaurants to alternative entertainment.

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