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Meetings & Events

Whether for a conference, incentive or a private banquet, every event thrives on creative input, interpersonal communication and, most of all, its participants. Thanks to planning by Pullman, a well-rehearsed catering and service team  and professional advice, business colleagues can concentrate on the essentials.

Performance and playfulness. Pullman believes the two go hand in hand. Our mascot – a French bulldog named Louis – has always known this. The watchful yet playful figure is hidden in every event room. Just a reminder to take a pause for a second in stressful moments. So, like Louis, put on some (even imaginary) headphones and take a time out. The Bistro Europe  and the cosy hotel garden are perfect for finding inner peace.

By the way – using the Meeting Planner accumulates valuable points which can be redeemed at future events.

Our GTC’s for events of any kind can be found here

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    Event location

    The Pullman Basel Europe event centre features six modular and ecologically air-conditioned conference rooms with a total area of 500sqm. In January 2020, an additional room on the ground floor of...

  • corporate-events

    Corporate Events

    Conferences, press conferences, sales seminars - these event classics take place in every business hotel. But only Pullman designs creative events that make an impact.

  • banquets


    Thanks to its medieval cityscape and Mediterranean flair, Basel is a wonderful backdrop for festivities of all kinds. And thanks to Pullman it is also the ideal location for a banquet.

  • les-quatre-saisons-catering

    “Les Quatre Saisons” catering

    ‘Les Quatre Saisons’ catering by Pullman is always tailor-made to each occasion, each event and each individual wish and need.

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